Since its inauguration in 2009, the bi-annual 3P Arctic event has focused on the geological history and exploration potential of the Circum-Arctic basins.

Ensuring that the event is led by the important foundations of science and exploration in the region, and not by political considerations; the Polar Petroleum Potential Conference and Exhibition has built an enviable reputation as the leading geoscience event for this demanding and icy region.

The previous three editions of this event were held in Moscow, Halifax and Stavanger. In 2015 we plan to repeat the show in Stavanger. The previous editions focused on high quality scientific presentations, exploring the most up to date developments in the region. In addition they facilitated fantastic networking opportunities for companies and individuals to build important relationships and to develop their knowledge of this vast area. This will continue to be the aim for the upcoming event in Stavanger.

The 3P technical programme will be built around 9 main conference themes. The abstracts received will then form approximately 18 sessions, covering the Arctic Region and everything from new maps and datasets of the region to discovering the Arctic orogeny’s and basement rocks beneath the sedimentary basins. With over 200 oral and poster presentations expected; covering all aspects of geology, geophysics and petroleum exploration potential of the Arctic sedimentary basins, this show is a must.


  1. The Arctic orogeny’s and basement rocks beneath sedimentary basins

  2. Mapping the Arctic – new geological and geophysical maps and datasets

  3. Impacts of climate variability on Arctic petroleum resources and operations

  4. Northern West Siberia – Kara Sea

  5. Siberian Arctic – offshore territories and islands east of Taimyr Peninsula

  6. Arctic Alaska – onshore and offshore territories

  7. Canadian Arctic islands and rifted margins

  8. Western Norway, East Greenland

  9. Central Arctic oceanic basins and ridges

3P ARCTIC 2013: