The 3P Arctic 2015 Call for Abstracts is now open. Raise your company’s technical profile or share your knowledge and experience with peers by submitting an abstract now.

Following the success of the 2013 edition, the 3P Arctic Conference returns to Stavanger in September 2015. By endeavouring to maintain a politics-free approach to researching the geology of the Circum-Arctic basins, 3P Arctic has built a reputation as the leading geoscientific event for this challenging region. With the opportunity to present Oral or Poster presentations, please review the conference themes and submit your paper by the deadline stated below to avoid missing out on the chance to present your findings to the Geoscience community.

Submission Deadline: Friday 12th December 2014

NEW EXTENDED DEADLINE: 2nd February 2015

Download the Abstract Submission Guidelines (.pdf)

Call For Abstracts

Please use this link to the right to submit a paper for the 3P Arctic Conference.
Submissions are being accepted for both Oral and Poster presentations

Conference Themes

  • Arctic orogenies and basement rocks beneath sedimentary basins
  • Mapping the Arctic – new geological and geophysical maps and datasets
  • Impacts of climate variability on Arctic petroleum resources and operations
  • Western Norway & Northeast Greenland
  • Northern West Siberia – Kara Sea
  • Barents Sea
  • Siberian Arctic – offshore territories and islands east of Taimyr Peninsula
  • Arctic Alaska – onshore and offshore territories
  • Canadian Arctic islands and rifted margins
  • Baffin Bay and West Greenland
  • Central Arctic oceanic basins and ridges
  • Arctic Petroleum Systems
  • Integrated subsurface studies
  • New constraints and advances in Arctic plate reconstructions