Every second year the 3P Arctic Exhibition provides a unique opportunity for companies to meet with petroleum geoscientists working in the High North.

An important aspect of the event is that it moves around the countries bordering the Arctic. The ‘science not politics’ mantra of the conference encourages geoscientists to make 3P Arctic part of their plans, regardless of the country in which they are operating or the event is taking place. If your company has products, services or data that relate to the sedimentary basins, petroleum systems and rocks found in the Arctic, perhaps the exhibition should form a part of your plans too.


The conference and exhibition are carefully coordinated to ensure that delegates get plenty of time to interact with each other and, crucially, with exhibitors.

The Stavanger Forum is one of Norway’s finest conference and exhibition centres, and is ideally located as a natural base for a joining of minds on exploration activity in the Arctic.

The venue is situated just 3 km from central Stavanger and is only 15 minutes from Stavanger Airport, Sola.

Booth space for 3P Arctic is limited, so if you are interested in participating, we strongly recommend that you contact the organisers for exhibit details without delay.


Companies exhibiting at 3P Arctic 2015 will be promoting a wide range of exploration and development products, services, data, technology and techniques that relate to, or have been developed for, those working in the High North.


Very well organised, focused conference with a series of excellent technical sessions.

ExhibitorBlackburn Geo Consulting

Attending the 3P Arctic conference is a must for all geoscientists involved in Arctic E&P.

ExhibitorMGM Energy Corporation

An excellent opportunity for those working in the Arctic to discuss the complex geological settings of the Arctic region.

ExhibitorIceland GeoSurvey

3P Arctic was an excellent event which allowed us to get an update on the geology and prospectivity of this exciting frontier region.


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